We have the following course for you to choose.


We provide both group and individual harp lessons to all harp lovers, including children, adult beginners, advanced learners and professional performers. We teach lessons to meet your personal needs of achieving the ABRSM Grade 1-8 or ATCL, LTCL or FTCL, or the ABRSM Diploma or playing a favourite hymn, pop song or wedding song.

We also provide both lever and pedal harps of different heights for beginners or professionals.

If you have any questions about our harp lesson, please call us and our helpful staff and knowledgeable teacher are happy to help.

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Online Harp Lesson

Private online harp lesson with Ms Frances Tang (Master in Harp Performance of Trinity college of Music, London)

Church Organ

“Arts and the city” music shop is proudly to present an organ class to you. The class is mainly for those who has been passed Grade 8 piano examination and want to be an organist at Churches and love organ.

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Besides of standard grade 1-8 piano lessons, our senior teachers are also experienced performers and members of famous orchestras and can provide professional performance grade (AT/LT/FT/ABRSM Diploma) piano lessons.


Violin Lesson

Our volin teacher has excellent experience in teaching grade 1-8 volin exam. She is now a volin teacher at Orcestra of some primary and secondary schools in HK.

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We also provide many different musical instruments and music lessons such as flute, violin, voice, music theory and aural training etc.






Harp Ensemble Training

A harp program to encourage harp playing together with other musical instruments including harp.

Thorough this program, students have a chance to learn ensemble playing skills which is a good preparation for orchestra playing and it is a good experience to have fun.

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Model Examination

It is a model exam for students who are planning to attend ABRSM or Trinity Music Exam in harp or other musical instruments.

Teachers will provide comment sheets to students to discuss their strengths and weaknesses of their playing before real examinations.

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Piano Accompaniment Recording Service (MP3) for ABRSM grade exams and competitions.

Ms Marsha Chow, MMUS graduate of Royal College of Music, London, has rich experience in providing piano 🎹 accompaniment services for ABRSM exams of all grades as well as diploma level exams.

The recording can be in different speeds, separated sections, with metronome counting (in human voice, or even in subdivisional rhythm) etc.

Interested please contact us by WhatsApp or call at 69809989.

972282_10151385004902031_1878488701_n Vocal Lesson

Our vocal teacher graduated from trinity music college London, Master in Vocal performance and APA college of HK, bachelor of vocal performance. She has been rewarded many prizes in singing and performed in many places in Europe and HK.  600/1 hour for grade 1-8

Wedding Performance Lesson

Want to impress your love one in your big day? We are pleased to provide a professional wedding performance lesson including music selecting services, different musical instrumental training lessons according different music backgrounds. (Usually, 12 to 16 of 1 hour lesson. Prices are different according to different level of performance, music backgrounds, instruments chosen etc.)

We can provide musical instruments rental services for practice and performance.
Also, we can help to record your lesson and practice progress for you to share with your love one and guests in your wedding day.